The glory of our hall is created by his coaches. Legendary trainers who brought up a total of more than 40 world champions, Europe and Belarus. We work not only with professionals, but also with beginners and are ready to teach you everything we can do ourselves.


Andrey Gridin

Gym on Lozhynskaya str.



Alexander Kovtik


Vadim Vaskov


Victor Tarent


Denis Klimovich


Yuri Bessmertny


Zhora Akopyan


Dmitry Asanov


Ihar Buhaenka


Sergey Rabchenko


Antonina Dogruiol

Gym on Gazety Pravda prospekt



Eugene Fedorinchik


Olesya Klaus


Marcel Sychev


Eugene Makarchuk


Sofiya Abraamyan


Alexey Goglev

Club News

20 September 2017

Welcome to New Gridin Gym!

Friends, we are pleased to inform you that the club “Gridin GYM” moved to a new, modern room.

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